5 Steps to Transform Your Shed Into a Home Office

There’s no need to feel crammed up at a small desk in the corner of your living room while working remotely each day. Make your remote work situation a comfortable one by transforming your outdoor building or shed into a refined office space. The pandemic has had many people scrambling to clear an area in their homes for a new, remote workspace. A shed can be the perfect point of isolation and social distancing to complete your day’s work in comfort. Boost your work-life balance and accentuate your shed to create the ultimate workplace oasis using these steps:

Choose the Right Shed to Suit Your Needs

A shed is a shed is a shed…right? Wrong. Today’s sheds come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes…so make sure to consider what building style works best for you and whether you’d benefit from an add-on package. Lofted Barns are great if storage is your priority because the gambrel style roof increases the usable loft space. However, if you’re a fan of taller walls and ample natural light…then a Utility Shed with a shed dormer might be the way to go. In addition to building type…it’s important to consider size. Don’t just think about what your space needs are today…but consider what those needs might be in the future. The last thing you want if you are about to invest in a shed is to regret not getting a bigger one a few years down the road.

Make It Livable or Workable – Add Electricity, Insulation and Plumbing

To plug in your desktop computer, printer, or any other electronic office devices, electrical wiring must be the first step in enhancing the interior of your shed, if not already installed. Also, to ensure you’re not conducting a Zoom meeting in an icebox during the middle of winter, proper insulation of your shed is necessary. Make your shed-turned-home-office just as livable as your home by adding these fundamental improvements.

Having water in your outdoor workplace allows you to make a cup a coffee or use the restroom without running back and forth across the lawn to do so. Running a water line to add plumbing to your shed isn’t always a necessity, but it enhances the functionality and value of your shed altogether.

For any electrical, insulation or plumbing work…we HIGHLY recommend consulting a licensed contractor. Even Insulation, as simple as it would appear to install, can cause significant condensation issues if done improperly. The last thing you want is to have your newly finished home office turn into a rain forest because of a DIY mistake.

Seal The Deal – Apply Drywall

The difference between drywall and any other wallboard used to create finished wall surfaces is that drywall is made with gypsum–a durable, fire-resistant, low-cost, easy-to-install plaster panel. Applying drywall to your shed will add temperature control to your workspace throughout the winter months, in addition to properly installed insulation.

Bring On the Color – Choose the Perfect Paint

Choosing which colors to paint your backyard workspace is the fun part, right? Many people make the default decision to match their exterior paint colors to that of their home, but you can take this chance to have your shed be a visually appealing work of art or an excellent complement to the landscape around your home. Choosing the perfect paint for the interior of your shed depends on which color(s) make you feel more alive and ready to take on hours of productivity. Contact your local paint retailer and review color swatches to decide what color(s) pop out to you most.

Gather The Essentials – Consider Your Design and Organize Your Space

For the final step, complete your home workspace by adding all the essentials; bring out your inner interior designer and spice up your new office with décor, cozy furniture, and concise storage space. Consider storage solutions that serve multiple purposes…like filing cabinets and drawers that double as pedestals for your desk surface. If your profession is more industrious, consider building workbenches and utilizing clever ways to store tools and equipment: build floating shelves along the walls, add tool hangers for items with long handles, or install pegboards with hooks to hang items and keep organized.

For great ways to enhance your outdoor workspace, also consider architectural and decorative features on the exterior of your shed to add your own flare and make it truly a space that you love to work in. You have the power to elevate your shed into a dream remote workspace, so check off these items one-by-one, stay safe, and be productive and restored.