Shed Floor Load Information

Be sure to consider the total weight and point load for any items you plan to put in your shed and make sure to upgrade the flooring system specs to include narrower joist spacing and/or thicker decking. Old Hickory Buildings & Sheds is not liable for broken or cracked floor decking when loads in excess of the quantities below are placed on shed flooring.

WARRANTY Flooring Weight Limits

Floor Joist Spacing
16″ OC
12″ OC
5/8″ Floor Decking | Point Load (LBS)
3/4″ Floor Decking | Point Load (LBS)
Doubled 3/4″ Floor Decking | Point Load (LBS)
Lofts | Point Load (LBS)
  1. Point Loads must be spread evenly over an area no less than 5 inches x 5 inches.
  2. For 5/8”, ¾”, & Lofts, single layer floor decking point loads can be no closer than 2 ft apart.
  3. For ¾” double layer floor decking, points load can be no closer than 3 ft apart.