Customer Stories

Need creative inspiration for how to make use of your shed? See how customers have transformed their barns or sheds into bars, hair salons, art studios, she-sheds, man caves, office spaces and so much more. The possibilities are endless with Old Hickory Buildings & Sheds!

“I designed my 12×12 shed with many windows so I could work in natural light. My first task was to wire for electricity, then add insulation and drywall. Next, I hung a Japanese mural that would be the centerpiece for my Japandi-style interior. This feature, coupled with the intentional high loft, minimal furniture, and neutral tones, opened up the space to make it look and feel much larger than it is.”
“We had a great experience from the moment we purchased the building to when it was delivered. We planned to make it into a guest house at our cabin property. It’s not finished yet as it needs some trim work, but we will do that next year.”
“Our single slope shed was purposely built to replace a flood damaged garage. We designed it to accommodate our entertaining lifestyle on the lake, and to allow some storage space for bikes and yard tools.   Our Old Hickory bar/shed has been the focal point of many celebrations and has become the go to spot for our neighbors and friends to gather for UFC fight nights.”
“My husband and I, at English Creek Hideaway, have converted Old Hickory Buildings into Tiny Home Glamping Vacation Rentals! We researched a ton and Old Hickory had the best product that we felt would have the ultimate glamping experience for guests! These buildings have provided wonderful memories for over 100 couples and families in the last 6 months and that is such a wonderful feeling.”
“We loved the idea of going small and minimizing our life, and our stuff. We started a large garden and have spent a lot more time outdoors since building our tiny home. It’s opened our eyes to how important time is, rather than material things. And a person can live with much less than they think.”
“The delivery and installation were awesome. I was amazed that only one guy showed up to drop it off. He maneuvered the shed into my backyard and leveled it out with no problems. And then it was up to me to turn it into the establishment that has brought friends and family together.”

Shed Tips & Recommendations

Customize your Old Hickory barn or shed using these pro tips!

Choosing the perfect color can be a task of ultimate creativity when purchasing your new barn or shed. The available color choices for your shed will depend on the siding material you choose. Although material options include Pressure Treated T1-11, LP Smart Panel and Vertical Metal Panels (in some areas), it is the LP Smart Panel that gives you the widest selection of color combinations to choose from. Work with your local dealer to design your perfect shed or use our 3D builder to explore the options available for your area.
Choosing the right upgrades, package or add-ons for your shed can not only add tremendous visual appeal but might be a wise or even a necessary decision depending on how you plan to use it. Read about the most common upgrades and why they may make sense for you.
There’s no need to feel crammed up at a small desk in the corner of your living room while working remotely each day. Make your remote work situation a comfortable one by transforming your outdoor building or shed into a refined office space.