Valuable Shed Options & Upgrades

Choosing the right upgrades, package or add-ons for your shed can not only add tremendous visual appeal but might be a wise or even a necessary decision depending on how you plan to use it.

The Basics – Siding, Roofing, And Flooring


While the function of a shed and its ability to fit your stuff is the most important factor in figuring out what style and size is best for you, it’s good to remember that this large building is going to be sitting on your property…often in full view. Take time to choose a siding style and color that can make it an attractive feature of your landscape. Choose from the traditional shed look of 5/8in T1-11 Pressure Treated & Sealed siding…or 3/8in LP Smart Panel, which can be painted, or urethane stained, in a variety of colors. Other options may also be available depending on your area.


In most places, you can choose between Pressure Treated Square Edge or Engineered Tongue and Groove flooring. The first is constructed using sheets of pressure treated plywood that are butted up against each other and attached to the floor joists. It’s a good choice for its lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay, so long as you’re not concerned with small imperfections and knots in the appearance or seam gaps due to shrinkage from the pressure treating process. If you’re using the shed for gardening tools and simple storage…it’s a good option.

Our Engineered Tongue & Groove flooring offers exceptional strength and stiffness for a flatter, more stable floor that is free of knots and patches. It has a thermally fused face applied with advanced resins that are moisture resistant. If you’re looking for a more attractive and flatter surface, especially if you plan to install decorative flooring on top…it’s a great choice.


Proper roofing could be the difference in your shed’s protection against rust or withering caused by natural elements. Metal roofing is the ideal option for long-term durability, and it’s available in a range of colors that can add a little character to your humble shed. However, some prefer the look of a shingled roof or need to comply with neighborhood HOA rules that state your shed needs to match the style of your home.

More for Your Money – Picking the Right Add-on Package

Selecting an Add-on Package is a convenient way to get a selection of upgrades that can enhance both the visual appeal and usefulness of your shed as a shop, home office, or recreational space. Packages range from porches to garage doors to dormer windows. The right package for you depends entirely on how you plan to utilize the space and how you want it to look on your property. If you like sitting on a shady porch but don’t want to lose too much internal space…then the Playhouse or Side Porch options might be right for you. The Deluxe Playhouse makes for a great hunting cabin if you’ve got some land to put it on…but it serves equally well as a home office after putting in the time to finish it out. Dormers let in a lot of light, so they’re great for arts and craft studios.

Bring In the Light – Windows and Doors

While most add-on packages include a mix of doors and windows, you’ll want to consider whether you need more or different. Whether you are using your shed, barn, or garage for storage or a workspace, adding windows and doors allows for the best natural light to shine through…as well as some cross ventilation during those hot summer months. There are also different window options to choose from, both in terms of size and single vs. double pane, which will increase the R-value and help keep the inside temperature more stable. The size, quantity, and type of windows you choose depend on how you plan to use the space. If you are planning to transform your barn or shed into a workshop, consider a garage package to easily bring in large equipment and tools. For a home office or other retreat space, a lockable walk-in door allows you to secure your belongings and have a more convenient entrance and egress.

Frame It Out – Framing Options

Although your shed will be built with tried-and-true framing techniques, it may be important to consider a few upgrades depending on what you plan to do with your shed. For example, if you plan to park your zero-turn mower in your shed, you may want to check the weight of your model and consider tighter floor joist space, increased joist size and thicker floor decking to support the load and prevent sagging.

If you plan to insulate and finish the interior of your building, choosing 16” on-center studs will make the hanging bat insulation a lot easier. Your best bet is to consult your local Old Hickory dealer and let them know what your plans are. They’ve been trained to provide guidance on these issues so that you won’t encounter issues once the shed is delivered.

Block Heat and Moisture – Insulation and Protective Barriers

Insulating and adding protective barriers to the siding and walls of your buildings are sure to make it not only a place of storage or work, but a supremely comfortable place to be. When considering protective barriers, there are a few top-tier options that will give you different effects.

For instance, if you plan to insulate and drywall the interior of your shed, a House Wrap Vapor Barrier will block moisture from entering the wall cavity, ensuring that your insulation remains effective and preventing mold build-up. If you are looking to keep your building reasonably cool but don’t plan to insulate, a tech shield or silver tech radiant heat barrier works best.

Utilize Your Space Completely – Shelves, Work Surfaces, And Wall Storage

Clean out the clutter and make room for new possibilities with your shed. Do this by adding shelves for storage that will economize your space. Workbenches are also a simple upgrade that can make your shed instantly useful on the day it’s delivered. Both shelves and workbenches are a relatively inexpensive add-on option that are priced per foot of length. Once you have your shed, additional storage and organizational systems can be added to make the most out of your space.

Make It Vibrant – Colors

Once you’ve chosen all your structural enhancements, it’s time to pick your shed colors! Paint or Urethane stain your building in colors as bright as Scarlet Red, as calming as Navajo White, or as modern as Driftwood or Chestnut Brown. As an optimal choice, you may want to custom match your building’s paint with that of your home or other landscaping features on your property by providing a Sherwin Williams® Duracraft™ color code at the time of your order. Choose a metal roof color that complements your chosen siding and trim colors…or go with a shingle roof if you need to match your home for HOA compliance. Whichever colors you choose, we are sure they will make your building stand out far better than ever before.

At first glance, buying a shed might sound like a fairly simple process…and it generally is. HOWEVER, there are several details that should be considered as you work with a dealer on your shed design…or as you design it online using the 3D Builder! Consider all the options and base your decisions on how you plan to use your shed in the near term…and down the road.