Customer Story

Tabula Rose Handcrafted ABC Magnets

Our customer Chrissy from Pinehurst, NC has WOWED us with her STUNNING shed transformation of an Old Hickory utility shed into a beautiful backyard oasis! This she shed is nothing short of amazing! See what Chrissy had to say about her feature installation experience below.

“I am a resin artist that makes handcrafted ABC magnets for toddlers to learn with and parents to enjoy esthetically in their home. With a growing business, I needed an inspiring separate space outside of our home to work and create in.

I designed my 12×12 shed with many windows so I could work in natural light. My first task was to wire for electricity, then add insulation and drywall. Next, I hung a Japanese mural that would be the centerpiece for my Japandi-style interior. This feature, coupled with the intentional high loft, minimal furniture, and neutral tones, opened up the space to make it look and feel much larger than it is. Last was the floor. Resin can be messy, so I opted to keep the floor as is and painted a lime wash over it, which created a beautiful finishing touch to the room.”