A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shed Color

Choosing the perfect color can be a task of ultimate creativity when purchasing your new barn or shed. The available color choices for your shed will depend on the siding material you choose. Although material options include Pressure Treated T1-11, LP Smart Panel and Vertical Metal Panels (in some areas), it is the LP Smart Panel that gives you the widest selection of color combinations to choose from. Work with your local dealer to design your perfect shed or use our 3D builder to explore the options available for your area.

Complement Your Landscape

When designing your shed, don’t just think about its function. Consider how to incorporate it into your landscape so that it complements your property. Add-on packages, windows and color can play a vital role in doing that…regardless of what you plan to do on the inside. Whether you want your shed to blend in or stand out…choosing the right roofing, siding and trim colors will help you achieve your goals. Old Hickory has a wide variety of roofing and siding materials and colors to choose from…but we can also apply the siding color of your choice from within the Sherwin Williams® Duracraft™ product line.

If you are going for a more modern approach to color, a customer favorite is our standard Gap Gray paint on either our LP Smart Panel or T1-11 Pressure Treated siding. If your barn will be set aside an agricultural backdrop, use more rustic colors to accent the farm-charm ambience, such as Pinnacle Red or Buckskin. For the cabin in the middle of the woods, consider the greenery of the trees that may enhance your cabin’s appeal and use colors like Evergreen or Chestnut Brown.

Accentuate With a Color Pop

Add flare to your shed with a color pop that will have it stand out from its surroundings. We have collaborated with Sherwin Williams® to provide thousands of standard and custom paint options through their DuraCraft™ product line to give you exactly what you’re looking for when selecting the perfect colors. And let’s not stop at the color of the siding on your building; go all in and consider roof and trim color options as well. We also offer a variety of metal roof colors as well as shingle roof color options, such as Dark Brown, Weathered Wood, Black and Evergreen.

Comply with Your Local Homeowner’s Association

To see which colors match all others in your community, try researching your local area’s Homeowner’s Association (HOA) compliance and guidelines. Standard paint colors such as Navajo, Brown, Clay or Beige tend to be comparable options we offer to supplement many HOA compliant colors. Paint retailers like Sherwin Williams® have an available HOA Color Archive for you to explore and find approved paint colors to match your shed to your home and all other homes in your neighborhood. If uniformity is required, or even preferred, look into this option as a solution to your color contemplation.

Make It a Masterpiece

A fourth option in choosing the perfect paint for your shed is taking the modern artistic route. Make a statement with your shed by using the shed exterior as a canvas with a vibrant mural or art piece. But first you must start off with a blank canvas! Select a standard paint such as Barn White, Black or Dark Ebony for your shed built with LP Smart Panel siding. Or go with the traditional shed look by using Pressure Treated T1-11 siding with our honey-colored water sealant.

Shed aesthetic is totally a thing of the present! Be neutral, be bold, be artsy, be in compliance with your HOA…but whatever you choose, be sure your shed color brings you the ultimate satisfaction. We offer a plethora of perfect paint colors to truly emphasize the nature surrounding your shed or barn. But remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so it really doesn’t matter what other customers have done. It’s your shed and it should reflect your personality.

Feel free to use our 3D Shed Builder to compare numerous siding, roofing, and trim color options for your new Old Hickory Building. Also, please note that actual colors may appear differently online. It is important to see your local dealer for an actual color swatch. Our dealers are looking forward to servicing you.