A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shed Color

Choosing the perfect color can be a task of ultimate creativity when purchasing your new barn or shed. The available color choices for your shed will depend on the siding material you choose. Although material options include Pressure Treated T1-11, LP Smart Panel and Vertical Metal Panels (in some areas), it is the LP Smart Panel that gives you the widest selection of color combinations to choose from. Work with your local dealer to design your perfect shed or use our 3D builder to explore the options available for your area.

Valuable Shed Options & Upgrades

Choosing the right upgrades, package or add-ons for your shed can not only add tremendous visual appeal but might be a wise or even a necessary decision depending on how you plan to use it. Read about the most common upgrades and why they may make sense for you.

5 Steps to Transform Your Shed Into a Home Office

There’s no need to feel crammed up at a small desk in the corner of your living room while working remotely each day. Make your remote work situation a comfortable one by transforming your outdoor building or shed into a refined office space.

Reasons to Invest in a Shed

There comes a time where extra space is needed for us to flex our professional prowess, have a space for retreat and relaxation away from our home, or have somewhere new to store the stuff that’s been crowding our homes. Investing in a shed, or any outdoor building, can be the difference between feeling over-crowded in your personal space and having enough room to fully enjoy your home.